Monday, October 27, 2008

Helpful Floral Tip

I did the absolute perfect wedding two weeks ago. Not because it was the MOST beautiful, or the MOST expensive (or for that matter, it wasnt the cheapest either) or the MOST anything really. But what it taught me was to educate my brides about seasonality, color, and stability, efficiency, and weather resistance better. These arent always things you think about as a florist. You mostly want to make as much money as possible, while making your bride as happy as she can be and hope to get to be a bit creative in the process. But lots of suprises happen, and because flowers usually arrive in our state only a day or two ahead of the wedding, once these problems are identified, often there is no time to fix them. A wedding like this offers NO surprises.

This wedding was the BEST wedding because it was so appropriate for absolutely ANY bride, ANY time of year, ANY budget, at ANY venue, during ANY weather conditions, with ANY delivery method. So here is why you should think of these things as a soon to be bride.

*Green and White hydrangea with green cymbidium orchids was the entire wedding.
*Neutral decor, season-free color pallete, works with ANY colors for dresses and accents
*Durable, available all year long, weather resistant to rain, snow and heat and lack of water
*Because you only order 3 flowers, great price breaks happen when you order in bulk. Can be tailored to ANY budget.
*Can increase or decrease the use of the cymbidiums to make a more modern, contemporary, upscale wedding, look beautiful. You can downplay the use and use garden containers, urns or family heirlooms to make an event seem more simple, fun, and family oriented.

*Centerpieces were lush candle rings with tall glass cylinders in the middle with candles.
*These take very little time to make, reducing your costs, but give HUGE impact, increasing WOW factor.
*Candles can be done formally as tall pillars, more romantically as floating candles in water with uplighting, or more whimsically with colored water, colored sand or jewels and floating flower shaped candles.
*The rings can double as pew/chair decor before reception and them be moved over to tables after wedding to double their use.
*They are easy to transport reducing and damage in transit.
* The design of these gives you the impact of having tall showy centerpieces without having the visual blocking effects of tall centerpieces.

*All bouquet work was done as handhelds. Hydrangea are large, occupying most of the space of a bouquet requiring very few flowers to make a bridal bouquet look stunning while being super affordable. They hold up well out of water and are very durable, never bruise when touched or laid down, and make a good base for almost ANY flower. The green cymbidium orchids are easily wired and taped and run through the middle of these making a stunning show. Fun ribbon wraps can be totally bedazzled, bejeweled, done all out, without it looking over the top, because of the neutrality of the flowers.

Truly the perfect wedding. Whatever your budget, whatever time of year, wherever your venue, think of hydrangeas to avoid any potential floral shortcomings :)

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